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RCHUB Meet the Team


We came across a picture that sparked our imagination and so we then followed the trail to Nigel’s door at Prime Entertainment/Prime Racing. We reached out to Nigel and he promptly responded with more photos and information to delight our senses.




RCHUB Testing the Track in the Warehouse 2




RCHUB Nigel and Russel 2


Some background and insight from Nigel:

“The company was founded in 2001 and has been providing entertainment to events, conferences, trade shows and private functions across the UK

 Popular events are Monte Carlo and Bond themes where we incorporate games devised by us such as Driving Simulators, BATAK reaction test machines etc.

 The Rockcrawl Challenge was literally developed from a scribble on a piece of paper back at the start of 2015 until it was completed in February 2016. It was 12 months of finding the right materials, vehicles, flight cases and backdrops until we ended up with the track we have today.

 My main priority was it had to be light weight, able to flat pack into 6 flight cases, set up within an hour but look magnificent when assembled. Rocks and logs had to be storable without being too heavy so artificial rocks from reptile supply companies and Balsa style logs were sourced from local companies.

 The main track is made from a lightweight composite material which is used in the manufacture of Flight cases. The legs, edging and barriers were all worked by hand which was time consuming for my mate Russell but being a perfectionist he didn’t cut any corners. The bridge and it’s supports are all manufactured in Aluminium Angle then riveted together to form a work of art.

 From the very beginning and from my original sketches I wanted a prominent oval sign to stand in the middle of the track, this would be oval chequer plate and Perspex and mounted again on an aluminium stand resembling the bridge supports. When I first came up with the concept I always had corporate clients in mind at Trade Shows and Conferences so branding opportunities were important. The sign can carry a clients logo as can the Landrover body shells. (I’ve bought 6 white shells for this reason)

 Track size is approx 6m x 4m

 The backdrop was sourced after constant internet searches. Eventually I found the perfect image of Glencoe in Scotland and gained permission from the photographer and agreed a small cost to use it. This is mounted on a new aluminium truss that stands at the back of the track, again a client can pay to have their own image if required.

 We did constant testing of the track with the Landies and wanted it to be a bit of a challenge but at the same time not too time consuming so we had to get the balance of thrills and challenge just right.

 Chequer plate steps assist the vehicles in climbs and declines and another great advertising opportunity I required at the start was the box at the front with logs. This could house clients products for example a drinks company could place cans or a construction company could put bricks or stones in it. Additional crash barriers around the track are protected by Perspex which again can have company branding added.

 Photography was important too so my good friend and genius with a camera Tim Lowrey created some great shots on location and in our studio.

 I was a 4 wheel drive Instructor at an outdoor pursuit centre back in the mid 90’s and used 110 Defenders. I’ve had a love of Landrovers since a child and at one point owned a magnificent Series 1 Landrover which I sold for a pittance in 1986 so I guess owning 6 Remote Control Defender models satisfies my craving, though I do drive a new Discovery 4 Landmark.

 The vehicles are Gellande 11 and we had these pre built and painted to our requirements, I wanted a mix of old traditional and some up to date colour schemes.

 Long term plans… we are going to invest in possible Toyota Landcruiser RC’s and Mercedes Unimogs.

 Our new web site is currently under construction so we are keeping clients up to date on the track and other developments. Liking our FaceBook page ‘Prime Racing’ is the perfect way to keep up to date.”



RCHUB Nigel and Russell discussing


RCHUB Aluminium Barriers 2


RCHUB Aluminium Barriers


RCHUB Flight Clase Rock Crawl



RCHUB Chequer Plate Steps



RCHUB - Prime Racing 4x4 adventure 1


RCHUB - Prime Racing 4x4 adventure 6


RCHUB Testing the track in the Warehouse


RCHUB Log Tray for Advertising


RCHUB - Prime Racing 4x4 adventure 11


RCHUB - Prime Racing 4x4 adventure 3


RCHUB - Prime Racing 4x4 adventure 5


RCHUB Nigel and Rockcrawl Challenge

 We thank you Nigel and your collaborators for not only bringing a scribble to life, but doing it to the level that exceeds any scale builders expectations! Great anticipation for our next hop across the pond, and may the opportunity present itself to not only meet in person, but to be honored to have an event with you.


You can check out Prime Entertainment/Prime Racing’s Facebook by clicking here







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