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YOWZERS, Just when you think no one in the world can get along, the stars align and beautiful magic takes place. Onto the news to tickle your senses and wonder what will be?



Hobbytown Unlimited, Inc., the franchisor of the largest chain of independently owned and operated retail hobby stores in the US is partnering with AMain Performance Hobbies to manage and execute online merchandising, sales and ecommerce fulfillment. AMain Performance Hobbies, an industry leader in online hobby retailing will utilize the platform to host and manage the website.

In addition to online collaboration, HobbyTown will license the AMain brand to franchise brick & mortar retail stores and racing facilities. AMain franchise stores and racing facilities will operate with the full support of the HobbyTown system including the exclusive SMART POS and inventory management system, performance reporting, operational and marketing services, and access to exclusive BuyersClub product distribution including proprietary products developed by Firelands Group. Radio control products will be the focal point of the AMain retail store merchandising mix, promotions and racing activities.

The successful HobbyTown cobranding or conversion model introduced in 2012 that blends well-established independent retailer brands with the added value, services and support provided by the HobbyTown franchise will be extended strategically to qualified independents under the licensed AMain brand.

HobbyTown President Bob Wilke credits the alignment of core values, mission and vision shared between the organizations as the key motivation to pursue the joint effort to grow and expand brick & mortar hobby retailing. “The alignment between HobbyTown and AMain extends beyond shared values and the opportunity to gain synergy from the focus on core competencies. We are on the same page with the belief that the future growth of the hobby industry is dependent upon increasing the profitability and viability of the brick and mortar retailers. If the hobby industry focuses on increasing retailer profitability, the result will be an expanded physical footprint of stores to showcase and promote the hobby industry. When that happens, the profits will follow all the way through the industry supply chain.”

AMain Co-Founder and CEO Kendall Bennett believes that the brick and mortar hobby stores are vital to our industry. “As an avid hobbyist and owner of two brick and mortar retail stores, we have learned a great deal about the hobby consumer over the last 10 years. Brick and mortar stores provide a critical entry point for new hobby enthusiasts, while online retailers cater to hobbyists in need of a wider selection of unique and hard to find products. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly clear that the relationship between online retail and brick and mortar must become better aligned to serve the hobby customer and to increase the overall health of the hobby industry. A partnership between HobbyTown and AMain provides an amazing opportunity to accomplish these goals.”




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