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XRAY NT 1’16

XRAY NT 1’16

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WOW! This sleek edition of the NT 1’16 1/10 touring nitro on road kit is the newest in the lineage of the NT 1 released by XRAY .  Using state of the art in-house manufacturing and high quality materials, they cnc-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum for the chassis and laminated carbon graphite for shock towers and the radio tray. The drivetrain is triple belt, 4WD the FDR is 2 speed. Both the front and rear differential are sealed silicone. Hudy Spring Steel was used for the rear dog bone drive shafts and the CVD’s on the front. A shortened machined aluminum shock to improve suspension travel as well as a hard coated pinion gear and molded composite spur gear were used for the kit. Adjustability abounds for your on road needs from camber, caster, ride height, toe, downstops, roll center and even more options to fiddle with.

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Click here to visit and learn all the details that one mind can hold about the NT 1’16 at the outstanding XRAY website.



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